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How to get a Japanese driver's license

Everything you need to know to get or exchange a Japanese driver's license

Saitama Asia Driving School provides driving and theory lessons in Tokyo - Kanto. You must remember that; Obtaining a driver's license in Japan is very complicated and time consuming to complete. Likewise, you must have the knowledge (you must know how to drive, you must know how to differentiate traffic signals, etc.) and effort.

The lessons in our driving school are cheap, flexible and fully personalized. We have individual classes to suit your lifestyle.

We have personalized classes so that you lose the fear of driving, so that you know the traffic signs, so that you know the tricks that you should know when taking a driving test.

The multilingual / multicultural trainers at our driving school will guide you through the process and procedure for obtaining a Japanese driver's license.

We will offer you a brief orientation that includes an assessment test to determine where to start. This way we will know in what state you are in knowledge and we will know if you really know how to drive.

But this is not a problem, but with this we will know how to help you and we will advise you in the best way.

It is very important to master the specific skills required to pass the driving test.

Even for someone who has good driving skills, it is important to know those skills, to know the signals, to know the sequence, among others. Above all, you should know how you would be evaluated on the test.

Although the written test can be taken in English, chances are that none of the test center employees speak English.

How to get a Japanese driver's license

That over time can add some stress to your test. Along with the application forms and other documentation at Saitama Asia Driving School we would support you to make the whole process as stress-free as possible.

We would try to make everything easier for you. We would accompany you this moment if you wish.

That is one of the reasons, among others, why you need our services.

Our experienced drivers will support you from start to finish.

Get a driver's license

Obtaining a driver's license in Japan

There are 3 types of drivers license in Japan:

Class 1 Driver's License (AT & MT), Class 2 Driver's License and (3) Student Driving Permit.

How to get a Japanese driver's license

I. Class 1 Driver's License (AT & MT)

The Class 1 driver's license will allow you to drive motorized vehicles or mopeds. The different types of class 1 driver's licenses are:

a. Automatic Transmission Limited License (AT)
b. Manual transmission license (MT).

The automatic transmission license holder may not drive a manual transmission vehicle.

II. Class 2 driver's license.

A Class 2 driver's license is required to drive motor vehicles to transport paying passengers or to operate a properly designated driver service.

Eg: passenger bus, tourist bus, taxi, rental, limousine, etc.

III. Student driving license.

A student driving license is for people practicing to acquire a class 1 driver's license.

If you intend to practice with a learner's permit, by law you must be accompanied by a person who has a Class 1 driver's license for three years or more.

A person who has a class 2 driver's license or an instructor from a driving school like Saitama Asia Driving School.

That person should have to sit in the front passenger seat next to the person with the learner's permit.

Get a driver's license

Procedure to obtain a driver's license in Japan

1. Learner's driving license:

To obtain a learner's permit, one must pass a written exam.

That is, you have to answer at least 45 of the 50 questions correctly. You have to exceed 90% of correct questions.

After that comes the practical test of driving knowledge in an established course on the test site.

You will be evaluated by a police examiner and driving points will be awarded with which you will be able to know according to the number of points obtained, whether or not you passed the test.

2. Driver's license (AT & MT):

To obtain this type of driver's license, you must first pass a written exam and a driving skills exam.

To pass the writing test, you must practice driving at least 10 hours after learner drivers allow it. Likewise, you must answer at least 90 out of 100 questions correctly (90%).

To pass the driving skills test, it would be assessed in a designated course on a random street.

It would be evaluated by a police examiner and driving points would be awarded with which you can know according to the number of points obtained, whether or not you passed the test.

Training from the Saitama Asia Driving School would be especially necessary to pass this test, even if you are an experienced driver, certain things are expected of you without you being unable to pass the test.

3. Practice using a learner's driving license

You can practice driving for 10 hours in at least five days within a three-month period.

During your practice sessions, you must be accompanied by a person who has a Class 1 driver's license for three years or more, a Class 2 driver's license, or an instructor at a driving school such as Saitama Asia Driving School.

This person should sit in the passenger seat next to him.

We recommend that you book an appointment before visiting our office.

Get a driver's license




Do not have experience in handling? No problem: participate in this class. We will guide you about each step required to pass the actual driving test.

how to get japanese driver license


We have the simplest way to change to Japanese license. We help you with all the necessary paperwork and we advise you until you get it.

how to get japanese driver license


We guarantee 100% satisfaction with our learning system that has helped obtain licenses for thousands of students throughout Japan.

how to get japanese driver license

About our driving courses to get a Japanese driver's license

By taking a course at our driving school, you will receive the full support of the staff in these main languages: English, Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese, Croatian, others. We will support you from start to finish, or until you obtain or exchange your Japanese driver's license.

Saitama Asia Driving School provides driving and theory lessons in Tokyo - Kanto. You will take practical driving tests at the driving school with one of our friendly experienced drivers.

Driving school in Japan. Exchange of licenses.

How to get a Japanese driver's license

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We make Japanese driver's license changes online.

How to get a Japanese driver's license

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How to get a driver's license in Japan

According to statistics, almost ninety percent of Japanese citizens take driving courses when they want to obtain a license.

Why or why is this?

Japanese citizens take driving courses to obtain a license because they know that; They can go directly to a local licensing office and apply for the driving test, but their chances of passing would be low without proper instruction.

At our driving school we teach for life so that you are able to face everyday circumstances.

Not only to pass the exam, but you will also learn to assess traffic conditions, drive safely, and show consideration for other drivers.

After graduating from an approved driving school, students are exempt from taking the driving test at the licensing test site.

Thus, it can be said that the written test must be carried out at the test site.

On the other hand, it can be said that each country imposes different conditions for the issuance of a driver's license according to its traffic regulations.

The most common procedures outside of Japan are driving a vehicle on public roads under the supervision of a fully licensed driver for a certain period of time, passing both the written and practical test to obtain a driver's license.

You can obtain a driver's license simply by passing the practical exam, the written exam and the visual exam.

There is no obligation to practice driving under the supervision of a fully licensed driver.

However, in reality, passing driving tests without practice is not practical.

Therefore, people with no driving experience usually go to driving school to learn how to drive.

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how to get japanese driver license


Driving school number 1 in Japan

Saitama Driving School we offer the following services:
The change of license or licenses expired.
People who have never had any type of license.
People who have lost the license for a fine.
People who forgot to revalidate their driver's license on time.

How to get the Japanese driver's license with a super economic price and 100% guaranteed.

People who left Japan but have an expired Japanese driver's license. and everything related to a Japanese driver's license.

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how to get japanese driver license


Take driving lessons to get a driving license at a driving school

The way of teaching driving lessons may vary according to the policy of each school. But normally, most schools follow the two steps explained below:

Step 1

The first goal in a driving school is for you to get a temporary driver's license.

You will attend practical driving classes and you will be given lectures in a classroom.

The first lecture-style lessons teach about Japanese traffic regulations.

And driving lessons are taught in an in-school driving training course.

You will obtain a temporary driver's license if you pass the driving skill test and the written test that takes place at the end of Step 1.

These tests are normally performed at each driving / driving school.

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Step 2

If you successfully complete Step 1, the advanced lessons will begin. And you will start driving and practicing on public roads. In the driving lessons of this step 2, you will learn much more practical skills under the supervision of an instructor.

Likewise, you will continue to learn about more Japanese traffic regulations. And at the end of Step 2, the instructor will examine your ability to drive fully. If you successfully complete this exam, you will be issued a license as a properly trained driver.

Therefore, you will be exempt from a driving test at a license center. This is the final procedure you will attend in driving school.

Unlike the temporary license case, the written examination of the full license must be done at a local police station or license center.

Most prefectures offer the full written license exam in English.

Conversion of foreign license to Japanese license

The process of converting a foreign license to a Japanese driver's license is a slow, complicated process and can sometimes seem frustrating.

Saitama Asia Driving School has extensive knowledge and experience to help you seamlessly convert your country's driver's license into a Japanese driver's license. You will save time, money and above all a lot of effort in procedures. Although it is true, you can process the change of your license on your own, a large number of applicants do not pass the test due to inadequate preparation. With the help of the Saitama Asia Driving School, the approval rate of your applications would increase dramatically. We have a flexible, cheap but effective system to help you. The support of our team of experts would go a long way in saving you time, money and peace of mind. Contact us to find out how easy we can help you.

Online Driver License Translation - Driving School in Japan - Kanto

"We make Japanese driver's license changes online. In order to drive a car in a foreign country, you must have an international driving license. The international driving license is the translation of your national driving license (the license of your country)."

In order for your country's driving license to be legitimate and valid, you may need to find a driver's license translation office 24 hours a day, 7 days a week that provides the official translation of your driver's license. For drivers seeking vehicle document translation service who want to save time on paperwork, you can find it here at our driving school: Saitma Asia Driving School.

Saitma Asia Driving School offers the best driver's license translation service and is here to help you if you need it! Remember that we teach you to improve your life, not to get a simple driver's license. What you learn at our school will serve you at all times since we teach you with our modern, quick and easy teaching method.

We guarantee that you will lose your fear of driving and get a Japanese driver's license in the shortest of times. The translation of the driver's license is a delicate process, since this is a legal document that must be legitimate in any country. Therefore, you must find a company or driving school that provides security. In this case a good notarized translation of the driver's license to avoid later problems.

At Saitama Asia Driving School, we are working hard to be the number one contact on your list when it comes to the international translation of your Japanese driver's license.


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"Fast and safe, get your driver's license in the shortest time possible, avoid paperwork and waste of time."


"Our instructors are experienced and trained WITH a methodology to achieve accelerated learning."

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